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ALN (Additional Learning Needs)

The way we manage additional learning needs in Wales is changing!

The Additional Learning Needs Code | GOV.WALES

Parents/ carers of pupils with ALN will be fully informed of changes relating to their child. IDP/ pupil reviews will continue to be held regularly throughout the school year, it is really important to us that children have a say in their learning.

'Gilwern Primary School is continuously developing it's inclusive ways of working in line with the ALN Act and hoping to become an ASD friendly school by Summer 2022.All pupils have had opportunities to read, discuss and pledge their support to become an Autism Superhero, as well as staff participating in specific Autism Friendly Training. Comic books have been uploaded to Class Dojo, for pupils to share at home with thier families, but you can also access them below.

Any questions or concerns relating to ALN or pupil reviews, please contact the school


Thanks for your continued support. 

ALN useful documents

ALN Policy

ALN Transformation

Factsheet 2

Factsheet 5

PCP (Person Centered Planning)

Autism Superhero Comic Book Foundation Phase

Autism Superhero Comic Book Key Stage 2

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