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Nurture Empower Achieve
School Zone/Rhanbarth Ysgol

Super School Squad

The Super School Squads aim is to develop a happy, healthy and active school. We would like for the whole school to take part in the 'Daily kilometre'.

We will help all learners to become healthier by encouraging healthy eating choices, we will create a dojo points system to reward each class with a special dojo at the end of the week – teamwork makes the dream work! To encourage community participation, we would like invite local residents to join our project. We aim to create an event for all children to have the opportunity to ride their bikes and scooters around the track to clock up the kms. We intend to create a timetable where all classes can run with different classes weekly as we don't get to always see each other. 

Our pupil voice group will have a positive impact on the whole school by encouraging learners to be healthy, confident individuals. We will develop a common purpose for all to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

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