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March 2017


Children are invited to bring their bikes/scooters into school tomorrow to take part in the BIG PEDAL EVENT. Helmets must be worn.

Easter Bonnets

Don't forget all Easter Bonnet competition entries need to be handed into school on Friday morning.£1.00 to enter.

ADA Recycling Workshop

We really enjoyed our visit from the ADA Recycling team on Monday 20th March.  Firstly we split into teams and took part in a quiz about how much we knew about recycling.  We had to guess how many years it would take to recycle different items, including foam, vegetables, chewing gum, matches and aluminium cans.  It was very interesting.  We learnt it takes 450 years to rot plastic bottles, 6 months for fruit and vegetables to rot and 80 years for aluminium cans to disintegrate. 
We also found out that you can get a £75 fine for dropping litter on the street.  We saw pictures about what houses would look like if we didn’t recycle, and we learnt that electronic toys, mobile phones and cameras need to be recycled  at a special recycling plant. We learnt we can make ‘perfect pizzas’ by using recycled food left in the fridge. 
As a class we vowed to use C,A, R, E at home and in school.  A fun fact that we learnt was that we can save 2 million carrier bags a week by reusing our old carrier bags in supermarkets. 
It was a great chance to ask about lots of our recycling questions and helped to promote ourselves a an eco-friendly school. 

One Planet Centre

Monday 27th February saw Year 2 take a trip to the dump! believe it or not we were really excited to find out what happens to our rubbish and how we can help our planet. We are currently reading the book Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel he is a superhero that helps save the planet by reducing reusing and recycling. It has inspired us to find out how we can be 'Green Superheroes'. At the One Planet Center they took us around to see how the rubbish is stored, sorted and sent to different places to be reused or recycled. The class had a lot to say about their trip:

"I learnt that its important to stay safe on a busy working site. There were lots of big machines and lorries that moved the rubbish and we needed them to know we were there. It was so interesting." recalled Bethany

"The trip was great because we got to see how the recycling is done and we got to see the different vehicles up close" said Owen.

Hannah felt "it was a good trip because it will help us to let other people know how important recycling is for our planet - we want to be superheroes!".

It was a great morning had by all and its definitely kick started our topic about sustainable development.