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January 2017

Year 4 Trip to Cardiff Castle

Last week year 4 had the pleasure of meeting Her Royal Highness, Queen Victoria!
No, really! During their trip to Cardiff Castle year 4 were treated to a visit from the lady herself and had the opportunity to interview her. She admitted that she was quite the time traveller so that explains why she was in the Capital City 116 years after she died! The children were very respectful and demonstrated the best manners when they were invited to rummage through her handbag and ask her as many questions as they wished. The Queen, who was wearing a black gown because she was mourning the death of her husband, Prince Albert, was very knowledgable and answered everyone of the pupils' questions in great detail. 
During the morning of the trip the children were given a tour of the family rooms of the castle, including the nursery and the ladies' coffee room. All the rooms were beautifully decorated and had their own stories to share.
It was a wonderful experience for year 4 and they certainly learned a lot in relation to their topic. 
For photographs from our day see the gallery

Year 3 Trip

What a tremendous day was had by Year 3 at the Roman Remains, Caerleon. We were a little unlucky with the weather, which was showery, but this did not stop the children having a thoroughly good time. We first visited the Roman Baths Museum. The Museum used modern technology to give the children a vivid image of what the baths were like in their heyday. The children were amazed by how much of the baths still remained. They imagined what it would have been like to have a good work out in the  gymnasium, jumping into the icy plunge pool and then finally relaxing in the hot bath.

Secondly, we visited the Amphitheatre which is located just outside the walled area. The Guide explained the history of the Amphitheatre and the children were free to ask any questions they had. The children took full advantage of this. They were amazed that the Amphitheatre could fit a whole Roman Legion - this was up to 6,000 spectators.

We then took a short walk to the Roman barracks. These are regarded as the finest remains in Europe. The children were free to explore and to read the many information notices. These explained that  the larger rooms were for the Centurions while up to 8  Legionnaires were expected to share a room. Without prompting from the teacher the children quickly got into groups of 8 to see how much room they would have had.

Our next port of call was the National Roman Museum. This houses a superb display of Roman artifacts found in the area. The children were able to see at close hand examples of everyday items like clothes, jewellery, coins and cooking utensils. However, the artifact that drew the most attention was a Roman coffin which contained an actual skeleton.

The Museum also contained demonstration rooms and the reconstruction of Legionnaire's quarters. Here the children were really able to imagine what it would have been like to live like a Roman.  The children were able to try on armour as well as sit on the bunkbeds used by the Legionnaires.

The final experience for the children was to be told about the many medicines that the Romans used. The Guide talked about the ailments the medicines were attended to cure, what ingredients they contained and which would only be available to the rich. This was a perfect ending to a really interesting day for the children.

'It was a pleasure to take the children on such an educational trip and this will undoubtedly help them in our topic for the term, which is Gods and Gladiators. They represented the school well and enjoyed every minute! Thank you parents for your continued support this year ', said Mr. Marsh.

For more photographs from the day please go to our Gallery.

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