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February 2016

Year 4 trip to Tretower Court.

This week Year 4 have been celebrating 600 years of the Battle of Agincourt.  Year 4 have completed many activities to enhance their understanding of the topic during last two days. 

These activities included a workshop of animation on Thursday.  We welcomed two specialists into the school to teach us about animation.  Dylan taught us how to create music for animations, by using our instruments and editing them using Garage Band on the iPads.  Sean taught us how to create animations, by using drawings and moving them by millimetres and capturing that image using a camera.  We found out that if we had a collection of images in sequence and played them in order, they created a film.  We then looked at adding the music to our animation using Movie Maker. 

On Friday, we visited Tretower Court to inspire our own animations to celebrate the Battle of Agincourt.  We looked at the weapons medieval archers used, and created movements to shot the long bow.  We listened for sounds that we could hear, and touched unusual textures.  We then collated our ideas in class and used these suggestions to start planning our own animations. 

We have had very enjoyable days, and we look forward to teaching other children in the school about animation.  We must say a big thank you to Karin, Sean and Dylan who spend Thursday and Friday with us to help teach us these amazing techniques.