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October 2015

Year 3 Topic Blood Bones and Gory Bits

What a great start to the term – Year 3 have got off to a flying start. Our topic Blood Bones and Gory Bits has really inspired their interest to find out more about their body. We have focussed on healthy eating, examining our school menu and eating habits to see if we have a balanced diet. Next we are going to investigate how our digestive system works.


“I am really enjoying Year 3” said Kyan.

“Being in the juniors is great we get to go to lots of different clubs” said Caitlin.


“I am thrilled with Year 3’s enthusiasm for our topic. It is a big transition from Foundation Phase to Key stage 2 and our current Year 3s are handling the move well.” Says Mrs. Edwards. It’s going to be another great Year 3 – Pob Lwc Dosbarth 3!

Year 6 visit to Talybont

Year 6 at Tal-y-Bont

On Tuesday 22nd of September, we set off on our annual visit to Tal-y-Bont Outdoor Education Centre. We went for four days and three nights, accompanied by our class teacher Mr Aylett, Mrs Tompkins and Miss Mackie. The trip usually takes place in the Summer Term, but the Year 6 started going at the beginning of the year the previous year, because that way the pupils can build a bigger relationship with the teacher, and improve on their maturity as a way to prepare for secondary school. 

We stepped onto the bus on the Tuesday and travelled on to Tal-y-Bont, where the trip was to take place. On the way there was lots of stunning scenery to see. The centre was situated in Tal-y-Bont in the Brecon Beacons.

We were introduced to the centre instructors Sue, Kate and Glynn and given a brief tour around the centre. Mr Aylett then gave us our room companions and groups (1-3), and we took our luggage upstairs and unpacked and made our beds, which was very challenging for some of us. The previous residents of Tal-y-Bont, Cantref primary’s year 6, had cleaned the rooms for us and we were expected to do the same on our last day. We also explored each other’s rooms for a bit, why not? During all of this there was also a fire drill in which everyone went outside to the fire assembly point.

After that we continued unpacking and making our beds.  

Next, we went outside and got our waterproofs. Glynn was very kind and handed them out to us, including the right size wellies. We took them to the kit room, where all the proper attire for the activities was kept. After that, we were encouraged to go and make our packed lunch in the canteen. In the packed lunch you could have a sandwich, and there was a large variety of fillings to choose from including tuna, chicken and lettuce. You could also have crisps, a treat and some fruit. Once we’d made our packed lunch we sat down to eat with all of the class.

After a very tasty lunch we put our waterproofs on and set off outside to the garden area where we would take part in some team games in our groups. They included Butt the ball (which included you being lifted up by your team members and hitting the ball with your head) Acid river, drainpipe, musical blocks and pass the key. All the team building games were a great test to see how good the group’s team building skills were, and it was a challenge for some.

There was a film in the evening for us to watch, and we went to bed. We were woken up at about 7:30am, but some of us woke up earlier than that!  We made our packed lunch and then breakfast was at 8:00. It was very filling and fuelling for the day ahead. Most of us will definitely remember how good the food was.

The morning’s activities were Archery with Sue, canoeing with Glynn and a Gorge walk with Kate. The group I was in did archery which was very enjoyable, and we got to pop balloons with the arrows at the end! Lunchtime saw some of the other groups come back very wet, especially those that had been doing the river walk, but they did manage to dry off. We ate our packed lunches, and then the activities rotated, so that the group that did archery did canoeing, the group that did Gorge walk did archery, and the group that did canoeing did gorge walk, which involved them getting wet, again!

However, if you did canoeing you didn’t have to get wet, unless you really wanted to (and most people did for some reason). We did head, shoulders knees and toes in the canoes and we jumped at the end, and we also bumped into another group of canoeists along the way. It’s quite difficult to control a canoe and it takes a lot of patience, calm and effort which are all essential skills to have.

The Gorge walk, which my group did the following day, involved getting really wet. On the minibus trip there, I was hoping that I wouldn’t be soaked but I did get wet. The first task when you got to the river was to cross to the other side. Some parts of the river are quite deep and you don’t realise it when you get in. We got to the other side and our wellies were full to the brim. We started to walk along the side, and we found lots of little waterfalls along the way. Kate explained to us that where the big waterfalls fall, there are often deep pools and you have to be very careful.

The Gorge walk resulted in sliding down a river along the stones, going through a drainpipe underground, going through a hobbit – hole and racing poo-sticks in the river. It was very enjoyable but also very cold and wet.

The archery was also fun, but there were some safety regulations that Sue told us. No one really wants to get hit by an arrow or hit by a bow for that matter. It involved some accuracy and skill.

That night the tuck shop was opened, and we also had a visit from Miss Pugh! This was an opportunity to buy souvenirs to take home, and little gifts. But mostly to stock up on sweets. 

The next day, in the morning, we walked up a hill called Tor-y-Foel, where we saw spectacular views of the Tal-y-Bont reservoir and the surrounding mountains. It was really amazing, but colder than most of us thought and it did start raining at one point. We got to take shelter under an orange blanket, which wasn’t really a blanket; it was more like a tarpaulin.

It did brighten up after that though, and we had our lunch in a little cwtch (a dip in the ground). After that Sue told us to all lie down on the moss for two minutes, absolutely quiet and still. It made us realise that being up in the mountains, or near wildlife, it was so much more peaceful than in towns and cities.

In the afternoon, we did the activities we hadn’t yet taken part in. That night, which was the last night, we watched a film again. Most of us were really exhausted so we went to bed as soon as the film ended.

After another hearty breakfast, we went on yet another trip to Buckland Hill to do orienteering. It involved you going around with a partner and finding points you had to check off, with the aid of a map. Some showed a great skill at this and maybe they should be challenged even further!

That afternoon we returned from our trip to Tal-y-Bont. Even though we were glad to see our families again, I think most of us have a part of us left at Tal-y-Bont and will look back at it with fond memories. It was a really successful trip and we learnt many great skills; independence, maturity, patience but most of all we had fun.

Amy Lawson Year 6


Year 4 Visit to Library

On Friday 2nd October Year 4 went to the library to visit Stewart Henderson, who was doing a workshop on poetry. We had a great time. He read us lots of his poems, including ‘The Nothing crew’, ‘My mother smells‘ and ‘I’ve got to look right’ from his new book – Poetry Emotion. We loved clapping the beat to the poems and we laughed at how funny some of the words were. We learnt lots about how to create a good poem. He taught us that poetry starts with an idea. From that idea we can use our imaginations and build on it. After that we can use rhyming words or alliteration to improve the poem.

We decided to create a class poem. We thought of some ideas and the poem ended up like this:
Swordfish and a dragon,
Indiana Jones,
Bob the Palomino,
Poodle Kangaroo!

We said the poem quickly, then slowly and then we added a beat to it to make the poem special.
We really enjoyed the workshop and we are now feeling very inspired to create our own poems.