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January 2017

Year 4 - Events

Year 4 Trip to Cardiff Castle

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Exciting Development - Outdoor Classroom

There has been great excitement in the Foundation Phase Department this week with the installation of a covered outdoor classroom.
The outdoor structure will provide a safe, covered area to support learning in the outdoors and enhance current provision in Foundation Phase.
Thank you to everyone this week who has supported the changes of routine, but I think you will agree, it has been well worth it.

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Chinese New Year

Year 4 - Events

Cooking Workshop Year 4- Digestive Biscuits

As part of topic this term 'Children of the Revolution' we took part in a cooking workshop run by Kiddy Cook. Digestive biscuits were invented in 1839 during the Victorian period to help aid digestion.

Year 5 - Events

Cooking Workshop Year 5 - Gingered Bread

As part of our topic this term 'Off With Her Head' we took part in a cooking workshop run by Kiddy Cook. We made Gingered Bread using dried ingredients and we used a pestle and mortar to grind the herbs. It tasted delicious.

Year 3 - Events

Year 3 Trip Caerleon